23 January 2023

15 Minute Challenge & House

Have been a bit MIA.  We did sign a contract on a townhouse with Maestro.   It's all so different than what it was like 25 years ago when we bought our house.  So much paperwork and checks that have to be done, lawyers to be engaged etc, I will be glad when that bit is all over and he can move in.  

He has to buy a fridge, washing machine and dryer as well as move all the purchases he has been making over the last few months that our filling up our family room.  

The week after my last post I don't think I really did anything, but this week I have picked up the pace.  My Persian Tiles blanket is coming along.  The centre is all done I need to crochet the set in triangles and then I am ready for the border.  The triangles are pretty quick I have another couple finished that need joining so I should be well on the way to finishing if I keep this up this week.  

My Great Uncle died in the last couple of weeks and I went to his funeral on Friday.  It was a true celebration of his life and probably the best funeral I have been to.  He was 97 and was the last of my Nana's 9 siblings to go and it also sounded like it was only the last couple of months that he couldn't live on his own which is a small wonder.   His son-in-law read the eulogy and it was a true reflection of how I remembered him from my childhood.  There were stories and jokes and it was lovely to remember a simpler time and catch up with some of my mother's extended family.  

09 January 2023

15 Minute Challenge - New Year


First day back at work today.  Spent the morning setting up new computer equipment, I thought it was a 20 minute job but ended up taking 3 hours luckily there wasn't anything too urgent to do just a lot of filing which I guess can wait till tomorrow.  Once everything is working it will be good to be able to bring my laptop home to work on instead of using my home computer.  

Since my last post, I helped Mo make a messenger bag for her boyfriend as well as lots of crochet, I'd say I'd averaged 90% over the last 4 weeks doing at least 15 minutes.  

Summer has finally arrived in the last 2 weeks and we have had a couple of hot days which we are so unprepared for as it has been wet and low 20's for most of the last couple of months so 37 is a real shock when it hits.  

The house hunting continues though it has been slow over the last couple of weeks.  We put offers on 3 properties this week fingers crossed something comes through soon.  

Head to Kates to see how everyone is going.