31 May 2009

Pick Me Pick Me

Before the Christmas School Holidays I posted this photo it was one that I took when I was at the beach for a school end of year activity.  I found out later that it was a special cloud formation that only occurs when certain conditions are met so I was luck to be in the right place at the right time.  I thought it was a pretty cool photo and one of the local television stations has an extreme weather picture feature in their news bulletin so I thought why not email it in, it got on TV the following night.  

Last week I got another email from them and my photo has been chosen as one that is in the running to be in the calendar that they do every year to raise money for Variety.  This week I am sending off my best quality copy of the photo and it will go on the Variety web site soon so everyone can vote on it.  I'll post details when I know more but it would be great if all my blogging friends would PICK ME.

Off for a stitching day at Leanne's place this afternoon.  Looking forward to catching up with the girls for a chat and a bit of stitching.


Lorraine said...

oh good luck with that Amanda....will vote 1 Amanda's pic! Have a great day today...sorry I can't be there!!

Dawn said...

Well done, the photo sure does look fantastic. I will definitely Pick You when voting starts... have fun stitching today.Nice day for it.

Melissa said...

Fabulous photo, Good Luck

Sue said...

I will only vote for you if you promise to sign my calender. It certainly is a great photo. Good luck
Cheers S