08 May 2009

Successful Day

My daughter tried her ballet class again last night and the whether it was the bribe that I would get her tap shoes or that she was feeling better than she obviously was last week we got through a whole class without tears and she didn't come running out half way through.  Now I will be shopping for Tap Shoes. 

My ME day was very successful I feel a bit rejuvenated and did get some sewing (well sticking) done and lots of fabric fondling and I also found some stuff in my stash that was perfect for the project I was doing...Of course I did! Have you seen my stash lately?  OUT OF CONTROL.

Here are my purchases from yesterday ..... yummy yummy Rowan fabric  and the next photo is my achievement for the afternoon.

Now I only have a gazzillion flowers to cut out and stick on. I could have picked the smaller cushion to begin with but those that know me know that I will alway go for something bigger (I am making it queensize).


Lorraine said...

glad you had a good ME day....I am having mine tomorrow! love Kellie's designs....the fabric you have chosen will look great....I don't have many brights in my stash...hmmmm may have to do some "bright shopping" tomorrow....LOL...I know...any excuse!

Kelly said...

Oh wow! That looks gorgeous. I want to do one as well but when I got the pattern I became a teeny tiny bit intimidated :) I'm working up the courage to make one of the cushions first. Can't wait to see it finished.