29 April 2009

Thoughts While Driving

I really didn't want to go to work today I wanted to stay home and play with my sewing things but I went.  On the way to work  I was thinking about the next quilt well the next several actually and deciding on another bit of shopping, which hopefully might happen tomorrow.  The first bit is a quick trip to ikea for some storage, then I might go to Patchwork by Sea for some fabric that I saw there last week then head home for some cleaning out of the sewing room.  

I did some purchases at Inspired Stitches...here is the fabric portion of those purchases. The second photo are some pieces I have pulled from my stash that I think might go nicely with these.  There are no plans at the moment waiting for inspiration to strike.  

On my way home I was thinking about my BOM's.  I am still feverishly working Little Blue Birds but Pocket of Posies is going to be next and although I have started this quilt I think I am going to scrap what I have done and return to my first love which is brights (so much bright inspiration from the weekend has rubbed off).  I have only really done the centre applique block and cut out a few squares and done the first lot of hexagons so there is no real loss.  I just think that if I go to brights I might enjoy it more and really get enthused to get on with it.  

I finished the hand stitching on a project I started Sunday night but it is a pressie for a friend so no sneak peaks yet I am sorry but I am really happy with how it came out and will show it off later next week.  Tonight it is back to Little Blue Birds.

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Lisa said...

I've been wrestling with my conscience over signing up for a new BOM, Cottages in Common by Lenna Green, Quilter's Harvest in Warracknabeal (near here) are doing it in gorgeous vintagey shabby chicy colours. It's 12 months though and I'm not sure I've got the stamina! I keep saying I really need to finish a couple of things first - got one quilt machine quilted last week, just have to buy binding and get that on, so surely that deserves a reward??? Love the pics of the retreat too, have been trawling blogs checking it out.