02 April 2009

Ebay Angst

I have been having a bidding war this morning on ebay over some silver salt and pepper shakers and I have given up in disgust.  I want them for a mixed media jewellery piece that I saw in one of the mags I got last week.  Paying over $20 for something I hope to chop up and use for a spirit vessel was not the way it all played out in my head and I was starting to get a bit obsessed so it was time to back away.  Oh well better luck next time...where are those 99c bargains that everyone else seems to get obviously I am not looking in the right places.  

Here are a couple of more ATC's that I completed on the weekend.  Can't say that I love them all that much but at least they are completed projects which isn't happening too much around this place (probably because I am spending too much time on EBAY.

Another thing I am doing this morning is waiting impatiently for the postie.  The endurance swap should be here as well as my skirt books that I planned to use today on my last day off for the week to be sewing or at least looking at don't you love the ever reliable Aussie Post.   

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Hi Amanda, I got my parcel today so yours shouldn't be too far away. I love your 'thingy' (don't want to say too much in case Tan is reading!) it is just lovely.

I don't know where the bargains are either - today I saw some tin canisters in a shop window, old and rusty but quite nice (only 3) went in to enquire and nearly fell over, $150!!! Needless to say they are still in the shop.