03 April 2009

^%$$#@ Australia Post

My mailbox was full today but not with the stuff I really wanted (apart from the fabric).  My books and the Endurance Swap is missing in action (I know one of the parcels has got to Victoria) beginning to wonder if I put the wrong address on my post bag (0h well must be taking the scenic route).    Once we hear that the other parcel has got to its destination in QLD I will prepare the  give away post.  

I did get my one ebay bargain but they ended up way to big so will have to find some other project to do with these salt and pepper shakers. If I make a necklace out of these I'll end up in a neck brace  or take an eye out if I move suddenly.  Thankfully Christina had better luck and is more of an ebay expert than me and found some minature shakers and is willing to share her win with me.  I think I will give ebay a rest for a while.

Thought I would share with you the fabric which of course I got from QFD.  Not sure about the dark pink one but all the rest look pretty good together I thought they might go well with my Swanky collection but some of them are a bit out there will have to see small pieces might be alright.  If this fails want to use them in Kellie's new pattern which is to be released on Tuesday.

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