09 April 2009

I should be

Well I should be making the kids lunches and getting them round up for school but I am not.  I should be feeling energised but I am not.  

I went out stitching last night and that was quite fun (not so much the stitching but the girl bonding time which has been sadly lacking).  Picked up some fabric to make a yummy skirt.   I think I told you I was waiting on the arrival of a couple of skirt books.  One was way off but the other was absolutely fantastic full of how to draft any skirt pattern and then ideas for making so many cool skirts so I am off sometime today to get black lining to go with my red poppies on a black background which I plan to make into a uber cool skirt.

Don't forget to get your comments in for the giveaway there aren't many there so you are in with a chance if you do it soon.


Teresa said...

Great to catch up last night, we have such fun chatting and stitching (well some anyway)on those nights. Looking forward to seeing your skirt, should look great. Teresa

MissyMack said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog, and thought I would say hello. Your skirt sounds great - look forward to seeing the finished result! :)