19 April 2009

To Market

The Gillies Street Market was on again today but I decided not to push the issue with DH as he wasn't impressed last time and we had son in tow which was against my better judgement.  I think I would have enjoyed it more going by myself (or with a girlfriend) so I could really have a look instead of skimming past which is what DH likes to do (uuggh).  There were lots of clothes for say, mostly for ubber skinnies and trendies and lots of jewellery, bags and handmade things for little tots which my two are too big for now.  Oh well next time. 

We went to Fisherman's Wharf market today to get my daughter some new training wheels for her bike (there is a good bike part stall there).  Was on the lookout for mini shakers but didn't find any.  Found a vintage looking handbag (not too sure if it was vintage label said made in china) but it was cute nonetheless .... walked away without though being very good.  Also found some vintage postcard that I may have to head back to get (on my own).

Yesterday I finished my skirt.  The easy skirt turned out to be a bit of a nightmare last week.  I think I added too much ease and then struck trouble putting lining in.  On Easter Monday after finally getting the drawstring in I looked at it and went yuck and decided to make it fitted with a back zip instead and decided to take the books advice and put darts in it (because who am I kidding I have got a curvy figure).  So now I have wasted about 12" of fabric I didn't need to and have a perfectly fitted fully lined skirt complete with ric rac hem.  Just need some black boots to go with (maybe next week).  Next skirt I attempt is going to be straight have found some wonderful woven fabrics at DK's so when the kids are back at school I will be heading there.

I read the how to on the Spirit Vessels seems you have to think spiritually while you are making (don't think that will be happening, probably the only spirited thing happening will be me swearing when something goes wrong).  

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