27 April 2009

Inspired Stitches the Goss

Sarah did a fantastic job of her first big stitching event.  The venue was perfect even though the weather wasn't (though it was perfect weather for sitting and stitching so maybe it was perfect weather).    As you can see from my photo's there were a lot of ladies there but we didn't feel cramped and there was plenty of room to move around and lots of eye candy for inspiration.  

The shop at the front of the room was well attended on both days.   And I am afraid to say that I made several trips for some much needed insulation for fabric cupboards and of course a few patterns and a book (the next post I will again be complaining about the state of my sewing room and lack of storage .... I wonder why).

Here we are at dinner, we were lucky enough to have Leanne, Rosie, Melly and Gail Pan  who wasn't teaching just catching up with friends sat with us to eat which was hilarious because the girls are just so much fun and had us in stitches (pardon the pun).  They then circulated with all of the other tables and we headed home to bed because it had been a big day.   Must say the trip home was a little scary the rain was coming in sideways and Tapley's Hill Road looked like a bit of a river. 

The biggest decision of the weekend was what of the half dozen or so projects to start first with the girls on hand to teach needle turn, needle punch, demonstrate shrink sheets and and fine art of applying ric rac to a table runner.  It was a wonderful weekend and we laughed lots and had lots of fun and even got a bit of sewing done.  Hopefully it didn't take too much out of Sarah and she will organise another one next year.  I'll organise pictures of the projects a bit later or you can check out Granny Loz's blog she has them on there.


Leanne said...

It was good to catch up.

Dawn said...

Hi Amanda, it was lovely to meet you and was also catch up and put faces to blogs once again. The weekend was so great and I have the same decision to make ' which one to finish first'. Have a wonderful week,
Hugs x

Sue said...

Hey Amanda, It was a great weekend ... thanks for making it such fun. I talked and laughed so much. The list is growing ... hopefully something will get finished. You could have photo shopped me and made me look a bit better. You noisy one you!! Talk to you soon. Cheers S

Rustic Tarts said...

Wow - I was really surprised to see the number of women who were there. The noise must have been deafening at times!
I've had a look at some of the other blogs too and it looks like it was a huge success.

Gail said...

thanks for a great time!!!!1thanks also for the scenic drive to the airport...much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Hi there Amanda,
It was so lovely to meet you too and I am so glad that you had as much fun as we did!!!! I had a ball and I think Sarah is going to continue with them which is GREAT!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend (and I am keeping that microphone in mind for Rosie's birthday coming up!!)