06 February 2023

15 Minute Challenge Where did January go

January always seems to be the longest month and yet when its over I can't remember what I did.  Last week the boss and I did some new office searching,  at least I know what the boss doesn't want now.  I said to him today, working from home is looking more and more attractive by the day but that doesn't help us get a new person to work with us.  

I'm half way through the border on my Persian tile blanket and I did a bit of fabric shopping last week.  

I picked up Mo's picture from the printer today.   Maestro's commissioned her to draw something for his computer room in the townhouse.  He sounded pretty happy with the result.  Will have to get it framed.  

Thats it for the week nothing much to report I'm afraid.  

1 comment:

Kate said...

Your Persian Tile blanket is gorgeous! Love all those colors. Mo's drawing is definitely "WOW" worthy too. It's cool that Maestro asked her to draw him something for his new space. Hopefully you can find a new office space and hire some help so that you can do more working from home. Have a great week.