26 April 2015

Sewing Day

School holidays are coming to a finish, we've been kinda busy and kinda just enjoying the lack of schedule.  I've managed a few extra days off from work which has been good to recharge heading into our busy part of the year.

The quilt for Handmade is nearly finished just stitching on the binding and need to write up instructions.  I'm unsure when it will be in the mag, probably about 6 months time.  I really love this quilt.  I used bamboo batting which is lovely and soft and a pretty voile on the back, it drapes beautifully and I think I might put dibs on the quilt for me before Squid decides she needs it.

Yesterday I had a sewing day with the girls, as usual the first hour or so was taken up with talking but I did manage to get a few blocks done of my Metro Rings quilt.  I can't explain how much these days mean, they are a sewing/soul recharge.  We sew, we bitch, we bounce ideas and we plan the next one.  Its a day in a creative bubble with no interruption apart from the occasional text message from home....pure joy.

We all ended up using the quick curve ruler, Helen and Sue started new projects, I bought 4 projects along just in case I needed a change after lunch but I settled on the Metro Rings for the day.

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Sue said...

Was a fab day!!! You summed it up perfectly!! Can't wait for the next one!! Cheers S