12 April 2015

Productive Weekend

Back at the end of March I pulled all my Tula Pink Fabric, I found stuff that I had forgotten about and added more Elizabeth to the mix.  So I have chopped up a small/large piece off everyone of the pieces I had and chopped those into smaller pieces.  Most nights for the last 2 weeks I have been making lots and lots of 4 ½" blocks and this weekend I finished the 21 larger blocks which are now all pieced together into a quilt.  I think there are at least 50 fabrics in the quilt top and it is a riot of colour but you will have to wait as I am still unsure if it is destined for a magazine or not.

Now I can go back to my Metro Rings.  Scrub that Handmade want quilt next month so looks like I will be quilting the quilt next. 

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