26 September 2008

Apron Strings

Another birthday swap is safely delivered. Here is my version of Leanne's House Apron Strings (click on the link if you just got to get the pattern).
This apron is super super easy the thing that took the time was the embroidery and of course you don't have to do that if you don't want to there are options for a none embroidered version in the pattern. You can do a mail version, without the flowers or a real girly version if you want. As this was for someone from my Prim Forum I choose lovely Pat Sloan fabric in suitable prim tones. The problem is I now have a few christmas orders from the girls so I might be making a few over the next couple of months.


Sue said...

Gorgeous pinny Amanda, love your stitching. Cheers S

Leanne said...

If it's got my name on it can I have it.