25 September 2008

Trip to Town with children grrrrr

The kids had the day off school today as they both had a dentist appointment late morning and I didn't see the point in rushing them back to school for a couple of hours on the second to last day of term. My daughter needs new school shoes...well they wear runners to school and after trying on six pairs which none of them were ok by her standards Mum had had enough.

I was able to get to the Next Byte to ask a few questions about MacBooks and compatibility with my current PC and they answered all the questions I had so I think I might be getting one of those soon and set up a wireless network at home so that the laptop can travel with me to the sewing room and I can do what I want on my computer whenever I want instead of being pestered to get off so the kids can play.

My son ended up needing a total head X-ray because one of his new teeth to come through is a bit larger than normal and I think.... and after examining him the dentist agrees with me that it may be 2 teeth fused together (she said that most parents are worried about the size of their kids second teeth but in this case I was right lol).


Rustic Tarts said...

Oh Amanda

My sympathies! I think trying on shoes with kids is the worst thing. I try to get Iain to take them whilst I go and do something else.
Interesting with the tooth, I have never heard of that before.

Lorraine said...

I was exhausted just reading about the day! LOL.....hope today is more relaxing....and it is school hols now too isn't it...Mark is looking forward to the break but I don't have to keep him entertained he sleeps for the first couple of days and has a list of things to do like take himself to the dentist!!