08 November 2008

Cyber Stitching Day Count Down

Only 14 more sleeps to Cyber Stitching Day I hope all you girls coming have got your order in to Mrs Martin for your kits.  It would be really good if you had one of your stitcheries already marked onto your background fabric before got here so that you can get stitching as soon as you arrive.  Let me know if you don't have the time and I'll set up my light box.  I think I am all organised....well I have my mental list ready anyway and have got the day before off work, but they are proposing a teachers strike on that day so we might end up with a modified menu if the kids get involved with the cooking lol.

Watched the pageant at home this year...can't say I missed the crammed train and the long walk and the waiting...bribed the kids with lollies and cake in front of the box and they were quite happy sitting in the comfort at home.   But we did have to promise to take them again next year.


Leanne said...

What would you like me to bring sweet or savory.

Sue said...

Looking forward to Cyber Stitching Day. Should be fun!!!
Cheers S