20 November 2008

DJ VIP Night

Took my MIL to the DJ VIP night last night in the hope that she might start her christmas shopping (she did just).  I though did much more damage to the DJ card and managed to max it out and a quantity of it was toys for the kids.  Most of it though was spent on me lol.  They usually have great savings on shoes (30%) so I usually buy a pair (this year I bought 2) because I couldn't decide which ones I liked more.  The reason I bought the shoes was I bought a little black dress (I haven't had one of those since I was... well little).  And although I am not little yet, this dress doesn't cling in the wrong places so it gives the illusion of littleness. Husband was very impressed ... not so much about the new shoes though (good job I hid the second pair lol).  Said little black dress has a sparkly belt and to make it more versatile a none sparkly belt and DJ lady assures me it is a classic so I should be able to wear it 10 years down the track.

On another note got my Cyber Stitching Kit yesterday, have to decide which project to do and get that traced somewhere between now and Saturday, maybe I should of got up and done it at 2 or 3 oclock this morning when I lying awake in bed for no good reason.   

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Lorraine said...

I think Neil is pleased we live where we do so that the DJ VIP night is a bit harder for me to get to!! LOL....I am sure I will still manage to do some damage to the card when I get down to do some Christmas shopping in the next few weeks.....! See you on Saturday....Guess you will have the kids home on Friday now!