01 November 2008

Clingy Stage

My daughter is going through a clingy stage at the moment which means that I have to stay at the 5 year old's party this afternoon where I could be home making in-roads into my ornies for the ornie swap.  I have all the pieces ready just got to put them altogether then work out how I am going to post them round Australia and keep them in one piece.  I can't show you a picture because I think most of the girls stop by here every now and the so I just have to tease them a little.  I was fiddling round with my prototype and even though it ended a little worse for wear I think the final result should be lovely .

I also started another secret project which I will reveal later in November when they are all finished.  I have quite a few to make and I might have to go shopping again because I can't find the felt I need to finish them off, I know it is in my sewing room somewhere but when I had my clean out the other week I put them somewhere safe and I can't remember where.  Maybe Sarah will have some at the Craft Fair on Thursday otherwise I will have to order some more because time is running out.

Talking about the Craft Fair I am heading there on Thursday with Sue.  We haven't gone together for a few years and it is always more fun with friends to egg you on.   I have arranged for MIL to pick up the kids from school so I don't have to rush back.  It is so much nicer to walk around after everyone has left to pick the kids up, probably be totally broke by that stage though.  I am not buying beads this year as I didn't use any of the beads that I bought last year and I am not going to buy much fabric because I have no more room for any more.  But I am sure to visit Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delights and say hello, and visit the mixed media store which will be there which means I need to check what I have because I am bound to be drawn to the same stuff again and I will want something different.

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Sue said...

Good Luck with the ornies.
Looking forward to thursday ...lots of looking and oohing and arring ... a coffee or 2 .... a bit of shopping .... and spending the day with a friend ... what more could you want.
Cheers S