30 October 2008

Weight Update Continued

My weight update has meant there have been a few email flying around and I thought it might be a good idea to answer some of the questions on the blog.

How much weight have you lost?   approximately 20kg (it is approximate because for the first 6 weeks I was too scared to get on the scales)  I have lost 16kg since the shock of weighing so it may be a bit more than that.  I want to lose another 10kg.

What diet are you using?  It is called Body Trim and you can find all the details at www.bodytrim.com.au and if you want to take the plunge you can get at major bookshops like Dymocks and Angas and Robertson or directly through the website.  It is an Australian company so US girls may have to contact the website to see if you can get it.

Does it if in with the family?  Yes I just modify what gets served up to me ie no carb at lunch and dinner.  If they are having pasta I just serve the sauce with vegetables.  It does mean reading the food labels and making sure ingredients fit in with the diet's carb and fat restrictions but I know what I can buy now.

Is there much food preparation involved?  There can be as little or as much as you like.  I use protein shakes for my snacks only.  The diet strongly promotes real food for all main meals which I adhere to you are allowed protein shakes and bars for snacks only.  I use Natures Way Chocolate and Vanilla which is a soyabean based product (it did take a bit of getting use to in the beginning but it doesn't bother me now) you can also have a small can of tuna, a boiled egg,  cold meat for your snack it is up to you.

Have you been working out at the gym?  No the diet promotes moderate exercise ie walking and you are restricted to only this in the first 4 weeks if you want to do more after 4 weeks you can but I haven't.

How long have you been on the diet? I started Anzac Weekend and I have been taking it slow and steady but some people report loosing 1.5 kg every week however I am more than happy with my rate of loss.   

I was going to show you a before shot but I have chickened out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your inspiration. I have bought bodytrim and am about to embark myself. Hope I have as much success as you! Thanks.

Dawn said...

Great inspiration...I have just started on the Body trim and have about 35kg to lose by my doctors orders... I am on my way...Keep up the good work...hugs to you!...