05 October 2008

Had to do something about this mess

I have really felt like making things lately only problem is the sewing room looks like a bomb went off and every time I go out there I lose all inspiration. I am desperate to make a couple of halloween dolls for the end of the month (they are all traced ready from last year) but I don't think anything is really going to happen until after school holidays if I am realistic.

Only one more birthday swap to do for the year, and I have no idea... well I have an idea but might be over reaching myself with what I thought to do in the time frame. And I have signed up for the Christmas Ornie swap with the prim girls (I think it will only be a small one this time fingers crossed)

Well back to the mess..... things were just piling up on the floor and it has just got to be a bit of a joke. It doesn't matter how much storage space I get I need more. I have got rid of a basket that I store scraps in ... I will be getting into trouble from my daughter as she likes to come in and sits there and spreads the scraps everywhere as I have never used any of the scraps for anything its going. I am pretty sure a friend of mine says she knows a group that takes fabric scraps so I have a couple of bags to donate.

Now I need to go back and work on the other side of the room I have a few projects waiting to be started (bom from a year or so ago that I was going to get to)... might have to decide that that was a bit unrealistic and put them in the UFO box for when I am more inclined.


Lorraine said...

I am with you!!! I was all inspired this morning until I walked into the sewing room and it is such a mess....so I am cleaning it up before I can start anything..!!! At least I can see the floor now...I only came in to the study to get the vacuum cleaner and thought while I was here I would just catch up on a couple of blogs.....! but back to it now!!

Doreen K. said...

You are not alone, if that makes you feel any better. My room is so bad, I am losing things. I know there in there, But I can't find them. I think I need to empty it out and start over.

Leanne said...

My sewing room isn't too bad ..but the rest of the house is !!!!!! so if you get into the swing and tidy your sewing room and feel the urge to continue on..... head over here.LOL.