23 November 2008

Carb Overload

Feeling a bit sluggish today... probably all those carbs and other things I ate yesterday but mainly the carbs like these.
Did I over cater... Yes (this is only a small snap shot of food on offer)

Did we have a good time ... Yes

Did we sewing, laugh and have a great time ... Yes

Thanks to Sue, Kay, Lorraine, Leanne, Julie, Teresa, Danielle, Sally for coming along.    Can you spot the bloggers? 

These are the thankyou the gifts I made for the girls. From  my hand dyed felt.

Here is proof that I actually did some sewing yesterday.. mind you it is still where I left it yesterday afternoon.

And last but not least my lovely gift 
from Lorraine.

p.s. Sue and Kay I'll collect the bribe for not posting your photo's the next time we meet.
p.p.s Thank you Leanne for the lovely flowers.


Sue said...

Thanks for a lovely afternoon.
Food was YUM!! Company was FAB!!!
Even got a litte stitching done. It was lovely to catch up with everyone. It just went too quickly.
Cheers Sue

Anonymous said...

So funny Amanda...your table looked just like mine today. I held a baby shower at my house. I think I over catered too. Food looks delicious and looks like everyone had a great time.
Mill xx

Leanne said...

Thanks for a great afternoon it was yummy ans I did some stitching as well.

Julie (Paddymummy) said...

Hi Amanda...thank you so much for a lovely afternoon...its such a pity that it went so quick...yummy food and great company...Julie