16 November 2008

Finished Again

I definitely work better to a deadline.  I wanted to have Seasons quilted by Cyber Stitching day and I put in the effort to finish it yesterday (when I should have been doing housework but couldn't find the enthusiasm).  It is only grid quilted which I might add took longer cause it is soooo boring to do, I am sure it would have been finished months ago if it had been free motion because I find that fun to do.  No pictures sorry will post after Cyber Stitching day so I have some show and tell.


Sue said...

Well Done!!! Look forward to seeing it ... you can finish mine now ... if you like :)
Cheers S

Julie (Paddymummy) said...

I am sure that your quilt will look lovely...cant wait for cyber stitch day...let me know if you need me to bring anything else...all the best Julie