31 August 2008

Roxanne Glue Convert

Here is my gift for Relle, in the birthday Swap. Hope she likes it.

As you can see I have been having a bit of a play with Photoshop Elements and actually got it to work. I really need to do a course to find out what you can do with this program because I am sure there are lots more things I can be doing.

Have been working on my Pockets of Posies and have nearly finished appliqueing the centre block. I have tried using the Roxanne Glue to secure the pieces and just drawing round the template and I must say I am now a convert love the fact that there are no pins to get wrapped up in. I always liked using the freezer paper as it makes it easy to turn the fabric under but I am pretty happy with the results though some of my circles are a bit wonky I think it will just come with practice. I haven't done any applique for about 12 months and must say that I am really enjoying it, I needed a break from Seasons I had better go back to it soon though so I can start quilting it.


Unknown said...

What a Lovely Gift I'm sure Relle will just Love it..

Leanne said...

I finished my Gail project today....good to hear about the glue I have always used freezer paper so must give it TRY.