14 August 2008

Off to Market to buy.....

By popular demand (not really) here is a close up of block 7. Think I am going to have to save up for that macro lens, but first have to stop buying stuff on the internet. Cathy Penton just released some new charms and I have snapped one up and this morning I ordered that PJ pattern on QFD, because I saw some yummy flannel fabric on Hetties Blog (I do need new pj's though lol).

Headed to the Central Market this morning...I love shopping at the Market. Lots of lovely fresh food smells, must admit the bread stalls were very tempting but I resisted. Got lots of yummy things to cook for tea which I had better start now because the kids are starving.

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mary-myneedlethead.blogspot.com said...

Just found your blog!! Love it! Can totally identify with "I'm avoiding it" entry, sounds like me! Hugs, Mary