03 December 2009

7 Little Surprises

My MIL rang me the other day to bring the kids over as she had some visitors in the back yard. The mother duck had nested in the hedge behind the veggie patch and she was now looking to move her brood to the river.

She said that she had been keeping them there all day but will have to let them out soon as the mother was searching for ways to get out of the garden without success. After school we went over to see them. Of course the kids would stay back and they headed for cover as soon as they got too close but I manage to get a couple of pictures with my phone before they disappeared into some more bushes.

My MIL was all for keeping them there as long as possible as the water rats down the river usually pick off babies fairly quickly but that's nature and I told her just to wait until the hoons had put their cars away for the night (there are a couple that use her street for a drag strip) and let them out.

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Leanne said...

Tooo cute love the last photo where the last one has fallen over. I love baby ducks I hope mother duck made it safely to the river. Last year I stopped traffic on The Parade to let a mother duck and babies cross the road.