18 December 2009

Melbourne Trip

I have returned from a flying visit to Melbourne for Christmas Lunch I did get to stay overnight but the having to get up at 5.30 for and 8 o'clock flight wasn't so good. We went to MoMo's and the food was absolutely magnificent. The meal didn't finish until 4pm when we were asked to move to the Spice Market Bar next door as they wanted to set up for the next session. Lets just say some of the people from Melbourne Office got a little messy and it turned out to be an interesting evening. Being the control freak I am I don't get messy and I obviously paced myself well because although tired I am not really suffering from any hangover symptoms. We checked into the Hotel about 10pm with one of the messy ones following along because he obviously didn't have a home to go to. The boss got saddled with him, while I headed to my room for a bath and of to bedfordshire.

The boss managed to surface for breakfast in plenty of time (he had headed out again with our tag along for further drinking) and we made it to the airport in plenty of time. All was well until I started looking for my keys on the plane, I didn't have them. I hoped at least I had left them in the taxi in Adelaide and a call to the company confirmed this. So I am waiting to here from them when I can get them back.

I did wear my necklace that I made and showed you a couple of posts back and of course I made matching earrings. It did get oohs and arrs from the Melbourne girls so I feel a bit better about it now, I was happy with it but I just wondered if it was a bit OUT THERE. They couldn't believe that I had made it, and how clever was I! I'm still deciding what to do but I think I'll make another set of earrings and maybe sell them as a set in my etsy shop..though it did go really well with my outfit yesterday but how much jewellery can one girl have.....

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