17 October 2009


Here is my pile of stuff sitting at the door waiting for me to head off this morning for Kellie's class. The first picture is hiding my stack of fabric which I have been collecting since I signed up (I might have overdone it a tad lol). Wonder if I packed my machine manual.... I am sure there will be plenty of 440's there anyway and I am sure I'll work it out anyway.

Must remember to pack the panadol because I know the back is not going to last 2 days of sewing. Good job I am booked into the chiropractor on Monday and had a massage on Thursday so at least I am starting out moving really well.

Starting to get really excited about the class now. Better finished getting ready.


Rustic Tarts said...

Yes I can see you going in a minimalistic sort of way...lol! Love it. Look forward to seeing what you achieve in the 2 days, hope you back stands up to it.

Sue said...

I think you might have a tad too much ... but you never know what you might need!!!! Have fun. Look forward to seeing your creation! Cheers S

Gloria said...

Would you share your recipe for the lemon butter...Never had it here in Oregon Gloria