02 October 2009

New Bag Design

You will know from my previous posts that I have been gathering wool and felting and dyeing it. I have also been developing a design for a bag using the wool. There are 3 sizes and I will eventually have them for sale on my Etsy Site as soon as I can get some made to sell. As soon as I showed them to people I got orders which is ok, but doesn't get my etsy site stocked. Here is the first one that I have made for Leanne, I have another one in blue's nearly finished for Lorraine. And I am working on a couple of funky coloured ones for Etsy which will be a little different (no applique but with a little different decoration).

And my Inspiration Necklace is already sold so that doesn't get to Etsy either. But I will be making some more (hopefully on the weekend) and the will go up soon.


Leanne said...

Wooo Hoo how luck am I.

Rustic Tarts said...

Looks great Amanda!
Well done.

Sarah said...

They look great Amanda. Make me think of a summer in the Australian wheat growing areas.

Sandi said...

Very, very nice bags, Amanda!!