04 October 2009

A Hideous Couple of Days

Well the sewing machine has been off for a clean and service ready for Don't Look Now in a couple of weeks. Otto says it is as good as a new one and as the 440 hasn't missed a beat since I have had it I am glad. The lollies have been bought for the lolly bags for my son's birthday next weekend and if I feel up to it I might start dividing them up this afternoon.

Yesterday I started tidying up my sewing room a little and this morning I couldn't find something (typical). There is still a bit to go. You might notice on my Etsy shop I have put up for sale some fabric which I don't love anymore. It was from my brief floral faze which has long since departed so if you are into florals have a look, you just might pick up a bargain.

All through this activity I have been battling a sinus headache which reached a peak friday night into a migraine (after we got home from a loud party for a friend of my husband) then again last night. Last night I wasn't much use to anyone so I put myself to bed at 6.30 and slept off the worst of it, today while feeling slightly hungover at least most of the pain has gone so maybe the saline solution is finally working (the things a girl will do to avoid antibiotics).

The worst of it is I have lost an hour with the start of daylight savings but at least I will feel like staying up a bit late and might actually see the end of Midsommer Murders tonight (I have fallen asleep two weeks in a row just as it was all revealed .... bummer.


Lisa said...

Hey Amanda, I meant to tell you that a few weeks ago when you advised that I should try the saline, I did and it worked really well. Managed to keep me from filling the antibiotic script I had. Thanks so much!

Leanne said...

Our girls must have been at Otto's at the same time.