29 September 2009

Busy Busy Busy and School Holidays

We are into our busiest and most stressful week of the year at work and I keep waiting for it to hit but either we are well organised this year (I seriously doubt this) or Wednesday is going to be the day from Hell as the last day in the month. Yesterday was steady a bit frantic but not too bad. The boss is probably going to have a nut's day today with back to back client appointments but I think I have everything ready for him so fingers crossed.

It is the start of the school holidays but the kids are a bit under the weather which for my son is situation normal this winter he has had a shocking time with bronchitis. I am taking him to the chiropractor on Friday to have him looked at just to see if she can suggest something to boost his immune system, antibiotics are working while he is on them then within a week of stopping them he is sick again. My Dr suggested moving to Queensland but that really isn't an option I am afraid. I know the rain is good for the farmers but some warmer weather would be appreciated in this house. Just so we have a quiet one we are off to the movies today I think we are seeing G Force and Friday we will see Shorts (as of course they both want to see different movies).

Yesterday my Sue Ross BOM arrived. Some of the fabric's are a little different from those used in the blocks that have been posted which doesn't bother me in the slightest because it isn't the fabric's that are drawing me to this quilt it is the blocks themselves. The first one uses templates and is handpieced. The second is a radiant star, both blocks will probably stretch me but that is fine. I think I will learn lots about colour or not worrying about colour and matching which I think restricts me a lot. I have an unwritten 5 colour rule which has developed over the years (no more than 5 colour). The first two block break this rule IN A BIG WAY. I want to show the sparkles on Wednesday my lovely packages and then I might have to have a play on the weekend.

I am also expecting another template for Jazz Hands from Material Obsession 2 which I am going to use what I learn above in colour freedom to make another hand pieced quilt (loooooong term project lol).

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Leanne said...

Hey I am working ever day this week except Tuesday. Not my favourite way to spend the week. I have some more blanketing hope to catch up with you soon.