04 September 2009

Miss May

I was introduced last night to the crowd at the Variety Launch of the Calendar as Miss May. That is the month that my picture is featured. I got to meet Jane Reilly who is an Icon in Adelaide and has been doing the weather forever. I was presented with a framed copy of my picture and 3 copies of the calendar. We managed not to get on TV we were just out of frame on every shot lol which was ok by me but my son who went with me was very disappointed. He did get Jane to autograph "his" copy of the calendar.

The Calendar goes on sale at the Show today and is also available from National Pharmacies in South Australia and is priced at $9.95 with profits going to Variety.


Lorraine said...

I have a feeling the Miss May tag may stick!!

Rustic Tarts said...

There seemed to be a lot more people there than 12 photographers and a partner.
We (the boys and I - as they could remember meeting up with you in Big W)were searching for you everytime the camera crossed to Jane. Poor D - didn't quite become a TV star this time.

Narelle said...

I was sure your photo would make it in.

Leanne said...

Yes I'm with Loz we will only refer to you as Miss May from now on. You know we the family have not gotten over the fact that you met JANE