25 September 2009

Busy Week

The last week of school term has been busy. On Monday night my son sang with the choir in the Instrumental Concert which was two and a half hours of pure torture minus the 2 minutes that he was on singing. No pictures of him as he was standing behind a kid with big hair and the conductor grrr.

On Wednesday it was my daughters turn and that concert was more entertaining the theme was outer space and her Class were the heavenly choir. They had to wear a national costume from a country. As we didn't have one I made one up based on something I remember wearing when I was doing ballet when I was a little bit older than her (she is in the red skirt with the ribbon round the bottom). I used the photo where most of them had there eye's closed as all the rest looked too demonic with their red eyes (haven't worked out how to photoshop that out yet) not a good look for a heavenly choir lol.

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Leanne said...

How angelic she looks. Well done on the costume.