03 September 2009


So have you worked it out yet?

Here is a sneak peak of the Secret Squirrel Business, this is the first item that will be for sale... I am starting an Etzy Site. As I looked at this piece I have just remembered that I was going to change something, which I will do before it gets to Etzy.

I intend to stock jewellery and bags for present and maybe even use it to get rid of some of my out of control stash. I am in the middle of designing a couple of bags that will go up a bit later as these take a while to make and I am still nutting out the protype.

I have called this piece Carnival and the crystals are Swaroski featuring lt Amethyst, Peridot, Capri Blue, Emerald and Fushia.

I hope to make a series of other pieces called Message in a Bottle which will be similar to the give away that I did a few months ago.

Tonight is the Launch of the Weather Calendar so I am off to smooze with Jane from Channel 10 Adelaide Weather fame for better or worse I have decided to take my son with me, he will be lectured all the way, not to make a spectacle of himself as there is a chance we will get on the News tonight.


Rustic Tarts said...

HOpe you do well with your shop, the charges are cheap so that is the good side of it!
I'll have to set the oven timer to remind me to watch the TV tonight - have fun!!

Sue said...

WOW!! Love the necklace .. yes please can I place an order for one of them. Good luck with the etsy site. Looked for you on the Weather segment tonight but didnt see you I guess you were lurking in the background. Will have to get you to sign my calender for me.
Cheers S