17 September 2009

Told Off

I got told off for not blogging enough so I thought I had better show you a bit of what I have been up to. I can't give a full reveal as I have been working on birthday swaps as well as some stuff for the etsy shop.

I have been going to Hetties semi regularly for sit and sew which is a lovely break to sit down and just sew, I guess I have been able to make it every other week which is quite good I might even get two weeks in a row next week and then the school holidays start. I rushed home to put some dye bags together, Leanne had given me some wool blanketing and I had a suit all unpicked ready to dye so here is some of the finished product (well almost they are still dripping wet on the line). The suite is dk grey so the dye isn't very striking but the blanket came up good and I think it will be great for some etsy projects waiting in the wings. I chucked in some velveteen as well, I love the way it takes the dye and it misses bits and you get this really textured result. As you can see I went for super strong colours to cover the grey and they are just so bright and scrummy.

I am still deciding if I want to do some more my day is slowly wasting away and what have I achieved......not an awful lot... wish the clean up fairy would come and tidy my sewing room then I am sure I would be champing at the bit but as I can't see the sewing table again and the floor is a disaster I don't want to go out there. Maybe I will grab the wool off the line and give it a spin in the dryer just to see it a bit sooner.


Sue said...

Hi! Good to see you posting. Love that washing hanging on the line ... the colours are gorgeous! It was great catching up with you. Have a good weekend. Cheers S

Leanne said...

I'm loving that red. I found a green dressing gown which felted well will bring you some on Tuesday.