09 September 2009


What a week so far. I have been a bit under the weather the last few days with a cold and having a little emergency that needed a quick visit to the Dr's before work on Friday. Top this up with not one but two visits to the Show, one with the family and one with my son's class at school. No sewing has been done and very little of anything else. My house which is barely passable at the best of times is a real joke this week lol.

My son's class went to the Show to see their Sewing projects on display. Many of them took out prizes so everyone was very happy. My son decided he didn't want to enter. At least the good thing about going to the show with the class was that I actually got to look at the quilts. And because the kids had been told they weren't allowed to buy anything there was no pester power and they were just happy to walk around looking at stuff. We took them to the tasting areas and the scouts tent (which kept them busy for nearly half and hour) and did a bit on there worksheets that the teacher had given us.

Yesterday I got my kit for Girls Night In and I had better do something about that soon, I am leaning towards an Girls Afternoon Sew In, and have emailed the usual suspects asking their opinion which will settle things one way or the other. This year you can make donation online so I might leave a link on my blog so anyone can donate if they would like to. Girls Night In is an event similar to Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for Women's Cancer Research.

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Rustic Tarts said...

Definitely a great way to see the Show - and obviously no kids were lost either!