02 September 2009

New Home

You might remember this little dolly from Leanne's blog. Well she found a new home today, and of course when you have a new dolly the clothes have got to come off. She will have to get use to being in various stages of nakedness at this house I am afraid. Love the fact that the dress is reversible. We tried that out first. I told squid that I would get the pattern and make her some more clothes so that she can swap and change her (don't think I will fit it in this month but who know maybe during school holidays it might happen).

I also got the latest edition of Somerset Studio, this is my all time favourite magazine and so are most of the sister publications. I feel about them just like I use to feel about Cloth Paper Scissors but CPS Ad content is just going up up up and I am sick of turning the page to find another ad. I think I might ask father christmas for a subscription to Somerset Studio this year.

Tomorrow I will head out for supplies for secret squirrel projects and with any luck I will be able to reveal some stuff early next week.

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Leanne said...

Hope the maths homework went well LOL