20 March 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Got my first pay on Wednesday, love getting paid weekly again and I haven't spent it very virtuous and unlike me. I am afraid the heat has really got to me so haven't done very much but I am loving the cool sea breeze that is with us today and although my weather girl today says that it is raining I haven't seen any though there are lots of dark clouds they don't seem to want to get rid of their load of water. It really needs to rain steadily for about a week I think.

I am really enjoying work, I feel like once I know the ropes I will really be able to help the boss' work load.

Last week I had another delivery from Amazon, this time "Pretty Little Things" by Sally Jean Alexander she makes wonderful collage jewellery and trinket and this book is full of lots and lots of eye candy and inspiration. I started on some bits and pieces for my sister's birthday and I am just waiting on a delivery of a few essential requirements to complete some "things" to put together, hopefully I get it early next week so I can finish the pressie by the end of the month (well before then because I need to post it before the end of the month).

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