01 April 2008

My New Baby

Here is my new baby isn't she beautiful, the best thing about her is that I have been driving a fair bit since Saturday and the fuel gauge is still on full. The rules are that I still have to use the Commodore sometimes so the day's I don't work I will use that, but I just love my zippy little car as it is so easy to park.

I got my final block of Saltbox Village yesterday with all the borders. Will have to start making it now. I have decided to machine applique because I want to finish it quickly (guess I'll have to start it then LOL).

Had a play with the soldering iron this week and it wasn't very successful so I won't be showing the mess here. Will have to do lots of practice I think. The problem was it was for my sister's birthday which was on Sunday so then I had to do a rethink. What I eventually came up with I think she will probably like better so now all I have to do is get to the post office to send it.

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