27 April 2008

New Diet UGHHH

I have started a new diet, well it is supposed to be a lifestyle well.... the first three days have been not good.... You have to eat nothing but protein for 3 days and that is meat... can't say I feel energised like they tell you on the blurb or it may just be that I also have a sinus infection brewing. Though I have no cravings except may be for heaps of vegetables that I really feel I have needed. The 3 days is to stop your need for carbs though I can eat them now but just in the morning. I don't have scales so I don't know if I have lost any weight but my jeans actually fit today. Will have to go down to the local shopping centre and hop on the scales there next week something I have been putting off because I might die of shame. I definitely haven't been feeling like eating but have been forcing the protein down, least now I can mix it with things and you get a free day where you can mix it up a bit and add some calories so now that this bit is over I think it will get better.

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Gail said...

Hi Amanda, good luck with the new diet...can you tell me what it is called as I am looking at one similar and not sure whether to do it or not....gotta lose some kilos before July!!!