16 April 2008

School Holidays

Yeah its school holidays.. well I say that mixed feelings, I can sleep in a bit, I don't have to rush out if I don't want to but I do have to be Social Director for a 7 and 5 year old. Today my daughter is off this afternoon for a play with a friend but son decided that he must learn to sew then he suggested knitting so we did that for about 20 minutes, when he finally said can you do it because you are much faster than me. All through it Miss L was saying I want to do it too but she lasted less than 5 minutes with her lesson. They are now outside painting a picture for Dad as it is his birthday today.

I am waiting for a mechanic to arrive to fit a speed alarm to my car... not that I speed but after having one in my other car I feel it is worth the money to have one put on.

Finally got the last pattern for Gail Pan's Season BOM on Monday and have been putting together a couple of more blocks over the last few days. I really would like at least the first and second row finished before the Loxton trip so that I have some show and tell. Also must put on the border from Leanne's quilt and get that quilted though don't know when that will happen.
Also got the kit for Pat Sloan's Sunday Drive I chose to have a purple border, it has been a very good postage week. I am also going to make it bigger to fit my queen sized bed so am going to repeat the last applique row up the top and then add another bigger applique border to the outside. Well that is the plan anyway.
Have also been working on some Ornies for the Passion 4 Primitive Forum ornie swap in June but you can't see those until they have been sent to everyone so I will keep you in suspense.

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Your Gail Pan BOM looks fantastic in the Day in the Country fabrics.