19 August 2010

Creative Space

Have to go to work today so not much is going to be happening in my creative space.  But at least that means I get a nice long weekend.  

First up is the first block of my new quilt, hopefully tomorrow I get another 1 or 2 blocks done.  Have a nice new cutting board so I can cut in my sewing room so that means no running back and forward from the dining room table where I was using my super big board that doesn't fit on the sewing table with my sewing machine up.

The second picture is my new version of Pretty as a Picture, which will hopefully help Hetties sell lots of my patterns, as all the fabric is available in the shop.  

Want to see more creative spaces go to Kootoyoo.

And if you head over here there is a freebee pattern of mine.


Shay said...

It stinks when work interferes with our personal lives doesnt it?

Loving the Pretty as a Picture Quilt so far.

Unknown said...

Hope work is super quick and the weekend runs slow...Lovely so far!

Michelle said...

Beautiful applique! I love it!

Leanne said...

Glad to see you have been busy. Still warm up here snicker snicker