19 May 2011

Our Creative Spaces

The next project I worked on for Let's Stitch can now be revealed as the ladies have seen it.

The pockets are lovely and deep, great to wear if you are working a market stall because the central main pocket is deep and wide enough to carry your float.  And there are other pockets for your mobile phone and pens and more.  It would also serve if you were taking a craft class to keep some of your tools on hand at all times and there are interchangeable decorations to add depending on your mood.

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Unknown said...

Hi Amanda, love this project! I read the comment you left at "the craft room", you know --being filled with terror about anyone wanting to see your sewing room and it made me laugh out loud--that is so me too! I am in day two of cleaning out my sewing and craft room...what a job! love this blog. I am your newest follower. I am a longtime papercrafter but just started sewing and quilting this past year! any and all tips welcome! blessings, Katie