19 April 2011

Biggest Morning Tea

I'm hosting a Biggest Morning Tea this year at my monthly sewing group, in fact there have on been a couple of years when I haven't hosted one.  Like many families mine has been touched by cancer.  Both my grandmother's died of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, my Dad and FIL had Prostate Cancer and my Father in Law was taken by stomach cancer 10 years after he survived Prostate Cancer and I am sure many of you have similar stories.  The Biggest Morning Tea is my way of remembering them and hopefully one day my kids won't have to deal with Cancer.

If you would like to make a donation to my morning tea, please follow this link.   Or even better if you want to host your own Morning Tea head on over to the Biggest Morning Tea Website and they will send you a host kit, you will also find recipes and lots of information on how to go about it hosting an event.

I'm making a couple of batches of Lemonade Scones and a big jar of Lemon Butter for the girls.


Anonymous said...

prostate... not prostrate.... ;)

but a very good cause and a great excuse for lovely scones and lemon butter.

seabreezequilts said...

It the one you have when you are lying around lol. But not once but twice....all fixed now.