03 November 2011

A Little Fun in the Sun

As you can see from the previous post the family has been away on a trip to the Gold Coast.  It wasn't a test for you it was a test to see if blogger would work from my iphone.  Wish I had found that app before I went away because I could have posted from there.

My hubby and I haven't been away for a big holiday since our honeymoon and the kids have been telling us for years that they are the only ones in the school that haven't been to see the "Worlds" so we bit the bullet and decided to go.... the thing is I finally got off my butt and organised it otherwise it wouldn't of happened.

 This was the kids first trip on the plane, my daughter gets bad motion sickness so I was a little apprehensive about it.  Armed with Kwells we headed off in the early hours of Monday morning we were at our Apartment in Surfers by 10am.  Shocking view isn't it.

The building you can see below is the local surf club and we became members for the week so we could get all the members deals.  One was the big breakfast which we did the first morning after being up since 3.30am we needed it.
 Here's the view from the surf club dining room.
Day 2 and 3 saw us at Dreamworld and White Water World.

 Day 4 was shopping at Harbour Town which the kids weren't happy about but after 2 days at the Worlds we all needed a break.  We walked to Skypoint in the evening to see the view which though spectacular would have been better if it wasn't so overcast.  I will be interested in seeing some of my pictures on my big camera... these have all been taken with my Iphone.
Day 5 was Seaworld which I enjoyed the most (I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I was a kid) I loved looking in the Shark Tank and the kids loved the Dolphin and Seal shows.
This ride was pretty cool the kids got soaked I think my Son went on it about 4 times.

The final day we couldn't get the kids out of the apartment they were spent.  Finally after lunch we walked into the main strip of Surfers and a quick look around then headed back and packed up the car for the airport.

We arrived to the kaos of the Qantas Shutdown luckily we flew Virgin so checked in and waited for the plane not without a few hassells going through security.  My son had bought a nerf gun at Harbour town which we had in carry on luggage still in the pack but it was confiscated.  Off course he wasn't upset MUCH I think he was ok by the time we got back to Adelaide.

We have been back nearly a week and it has flown I have been sewing my butt off to get the quilt finished. I have lots of running around to do today and I am doing a Market on the weekend.  So if you are going to the Gilles Street Market this week drop by and say hello I will have a few goodies on sale... great for Xmas pressies or stocking fillers.


Melissa @ Precious Little Poppets said...

I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was a kid too, but then I failed Chemistry :( Great photos! It looks like you had a great week.

Kate said...

Looks like loads of fun, except the airport stuff. Glad you got a holiday.

thea said...

Glad you had a great trip. I figured I flunked the test yesterday because I had no idea where you were.

Mrs A said...

looks like you had a great time! I still think the sunshine coast is better but not as much to do in the way of "worlds"!

Shay said...

Looks like a ton of fun was had by the Seabreeze clan. I was away enjoying myself on the other side of Brisbane!

Tough luck about the nerf gun. Seems a bit extreme for them to take it!

Im glad you managed to take a break.