11 January 2021

15 Minute Challenge & New Pottery Shed

My husband usually has a project for his Christmas holidays this year's was a Pottery Shed for Mo.  He decided against lining it which made it an easier job.  He just put in a window and painted the inside, redid some of the concrete floor and put down vinyl floor to make it easy to keep clean.  The bikes had to stay and she won't be able to throw when it is really hot but it is a good space for her.

He is now waiting for the arrival of another shed to put some of the crap that was in this one away, I'm really hoping that the gym equipment that hasn't been used in 15 years is going to go to hard rubbish but I'm not holding my breath (because he is going to use it when he retires apparently).  

I did some hand appliqué this week which is the first time I've done any patchwork for a couple of months.  I finished off the stems of the top motive on my whole cloth appliqué and have made a start on the flowers.  There are 8 flowers, I have finished 2 and there are six with 3 of their 5 petals done, the next step is a mass of leaves to be done.  

It was a 7 out of 7 week as I didn't do much, Mo stayed at her boyfriends house for a couple of days and Maestro worked for most of the week so it was pretty quiet.  I binged watched Sandition (which I found unsatisfying after The Brigeton's).

I met up with the girls for our not Christmas Dinner, it was just easier this year to do it all after christmas.  As per usual we were all spoilt. 

Here are the ornaments that I made them and the stash of presents I came home with.  

 Check out how everyone went this week.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up after being at work this week.  

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Kate said...

The new pottery shed looks really cool. Looking forward to seeing some of Mo's creations. Does she have some place she can take them to be fired? Congrats on all the stitching time this week. Hopefully you can keep up once work gets going again. Happy stitching this week.