05 October 2021

15 Minute Challenge Lovely Long Weekend

 This past was a long weekend the first day was glorious with lots of sun shine, then we had 2 days of rain and wind, but that was fine.  I really needed a break from work so it was good to have that extra day to recharge the batteries.  It was also the start of day light savings here and I needed some extra sleep to recover from that as well.  

Quick Quilt 5 is all cut out and I have put together 4 blocks.  I probably could have done more this weekend but decided to do other stuff than staying in my sewing room all weekend.  

I finished another pair of socks and have started 2 more pairs.  

There has been a bit more progress on the cross stitch front, one cryptid is finished.  

Here is a sneaky peak at what Mo has been working on in the pottery shed ( I took a couple of sneaky pics while she wasn't looking).  She has another pot with more sculpture on it but she hasn't finished it yet.  She is so clever.  

Thats it for this week.  

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Kate said...

You made good use of your extra time over that weekend. Sorry I've been AWOL, life has just been busy. I did get in a good afternoon of stitching today, the first in over a week. Hope work continues to be lower key and you have time to play with thread and yarn.