27 September 2021

15 Minute Challenge and a Couple of Finishes

 Was MIA last week, full on day at work and just couldn't face sitting in front of the computer so decided to give myself a break for the week.    

Kids get their 2nd vaccine dose this week so will be glad when they are both covered.  Mo is on mid semester break at the moment and has been throwing lots of pots, we took a few to be fired this week.  Over the last few months she has mainly been just practicing and its been months since she has got anything  fired.  DH made her some batts (these are circles of marine ply that go on the wheel) which means she can start to make bigger things and there is less likely they get damaged when removed from the wheel.  She is still working but she is only getting one or 2 shifts a week so it hasn't been too bad but she has reach a year so she will probably resign in the next couple of week so she can concentrating on setting up her business and maybe do some markets next year.  She found the demands of school/work and being creative too much at the end of last semester.

I finished my first pair of socks this week and Quick Quilt 4 is all done.  I have started made 1 block for Quick Quilt 5 and are half way through cutting all the other blocks.  It a long weekend this weekend so I might get some sewing done.  

Both last week and this week was 7 out of 7 for me.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going.  

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Kate said...

Glad both kids are fully vaccinated. Hopefully neither had really bad reactions to the shots. It's flu shot season here, we got ours yesterday and the SIT will get her's next week at the college's flu vaccination clinic. You got a lot accomplished this week. Love the block you are using for quick quilt #5. Happy stitching this week. Enjoy your extra day off.