06 September 2021

15 Minute Challenge, Quilting, Sock Finish and more Cross Stitch

Another 7 out of 7 week boring I know but sewing at night is keeping me sane in this crazy old world at the moment.

This week at sewing I was able to baste Quick Quilt 4 and started quilting it on the weekend.  Had all sorts of problems with the first thread I wanted to use Signature, I think it may be the needle and I might have to search for one with a bit bigger eye or it might just be that the thread is super old and past its used by date.  I ended up using an aurfil thread, its not quite the colour I wanted to use but I had it on hand and so far I've only had to pay for the wadding, backing and the fabric for the top has completely come from my stash.  

I purchased some linen last week for another cross stitch and got as many threads as I could from the local quilt shop then went online for some additions.  Found an Aussie store on Etsy that appear to stock the whole range of comso threads so I'm pretty happy with that find.  I'm near the end of the frame for the Cryptids cross stitch sal, the first Cryptid has been released, I'm not sure if I will jump to do that or plod along and finish the frame.  

Finished 1 sock, modelled here by Mo (and yes she is in her PJ's in the middle of the day), just have to start the next one, but am a lot happier with the yarn used and the finished product than the first sock I made a couple of weeks ago.  I have decided that I need a yarn swift to help with my ball winding efforts so that will be the next thing on the agenda.  

I promised that this weekend I would get me tax info together....I lied, but I've now sorted most of the stuff out now.   I need to get Mo's sorted as well but that will involve her ringing the tax office and she doesn't want to do it but she is going to have to.  

Both kids are off for their first Covid shots this week, I will breath a sigh of relief when they are done. 

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Kate said...

You've made good progress on several fronts this week. My stitching time has been my sanity the last few months. so I get the sentiment there. The socks are really fun. Mo has some pretty cute PJs. Glad the kids have been able to get the first round of shots. I feel for the people I work with who have kids in school that are too young to get vaccinated. It's been really stressful for many of them.