30 August 2021

15 Minute Challenge, Knitting, Quilting and Cross Stitch

 Didn't have a great week last week, woke up in pain during the night on Monday and Wednesday after another sleepless night decided to get to the Drs.  He thought I had a stomach virus and gave me some tablets I was pretty sure it wasn't that.   I was having a massage that day and my back was also sore I went.  Turns out I had twisted a rib and the nausea was caused by pain after the massage therapist had relieved some of the tension the pain became more localised in my back rib area.  Ended up taking a sick day on Friday and sat in the sunshine on the swing chair with a heat pack on my back and did a bit of knitting.  

Though the back is still sore it is a lot better this week.  I worked on the border for the quick quilt over the weekend  Here is the picture but the corners are all different so I am seriously considering removing the border or I might change the corder stones to beige to see if that sits better with me, serves me right for trying to be clever.  If I get over it I will baste it at sewing on Thursday and start quilting on the weekend.  

My next sock is nearly finished, decreasing the toe at the moment.  These should fit Mo or me so if she doesn't like them I get to keep them.  I friend put me onto another youtube channel for socks, so I might try her patterns next.  Apparently she has an easy way to do heels.  

The cross stitch border is coming along nicely even though I've been unwell, I've started on the next 2 charts so I'm way past my unpicking point from last week.  I know that the next pattern releases soon so I will have to get a wiggle on with it.  I'm waiting on more black thread in the post,  I'm currently using DMC but most of the other colours are Cosmo threads which are so soft and silky and lovely to stitch with.  My local quiltshop didn't have any black cosmo when I wanted to start.  It's just that postage take so long within Australia at the moment, I'm checking the letterbox a couple of times a day to make sure it hasn't arrived and I've missed it.

I've been following the Needlework Expo on instagram and it really is a worry  there is so many patterns that I would love to do, I need another couple of pairs of hands to get everything done or another couple of lifetimes.   

So how is your stitching going this week.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is keeping up with the challenge.  

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Kate said...

Hope you've fully recovered from the twisted rib. That sounds really painful. Probably a good thing you took a day off to just rest and heal. You've got some fun projects in the works. Happy stitching this weekend.