02 August 2021

15 Minute Challenge Out of Lockdown

 We emerged from lockdown last Tuesday, everything is back to normal but masks are mandatory inside public places because of the Delta strain and this week restrictions have been loosened again from tomorrow.  

I haven't heard from Maestro this week he has been working a lot which is good as a week at home with nothing to do apart from video games and listening to his flatmate and girlfriend argue was probably doing his head in.   

No patchwork this week.  I have been making more By Annie Bags.  I made another 2zip gear bag the medium size this time for myself this time, and am about halfway through a Case in Point bag for my crochet and knitting needles. The 2 zip gear bag is for sock knitting and it will easily fit a couple of balls of yarn plus an unfinished sock or 2.  

At night I have been doing my cross stitching.  I have started the Modern Folk Embroidery SAL and I have just downloaded the first instalment of the Witchy Stitcher Cryptid Stitchalong which looks pretty fun (its very gothic) so that will be 3 cross stitch projects on the go.  

Frida Dreaming is coming along nicely as you can see below.  

Mo hasn't gone to face to face classes yet for Uni this semester they think it will start up next week.  We went for a drive yesterday to checkout the other Campus that she needs to go to for her CGI class.  The campus is about 10 minutes from my office.   I probably have to ask my boss if I can work from home first thing then drop her off and finish off the day at work and then pick her up after her class.  One day she will get her license but for a bit longer I am Mum Taxi.  

This arrived today, a thank you from our Head Office for the extra work being done.  Its a bit OTT but I'm sure we will enjoy it.  

Hopefully after next week I will have my quilting mojo back and I will start Quick Quilt 4 I have a couple of my by Annie bags that I want to do first though


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