26 July 2021

15 Minute Challenge and Strict Lockdown

 After my post last Monday we were sent into Level 4 restrictions with mandatory mask wearing when out in public.  By Tuesday morning it was announced that we would head into full strict lockdown with only a few reasons to leave home.  Of course I was at work because we were having a new phone system installed, it wasn't very successful and I ended up telling my IT people to just divert the phones because I was heading home I was no longer comfortable being out and about.  

From 6pm Tuesday we needed to stay home.  One person from each household could go to the shop but only food retailers and chemists were open, all business were effectively shut.  We were able to go out to exercise for 90 minutes a day, but the weather has been so bad with wind, rain and hail that its been quite fine to be home, I've only ventured out twice over the whole week.  19,000 people have been ordered into quarantine and all the cases of the Delta strain that have popped up in the last couple of days have all been in isolation so tomorrow evening stay home orders will be lifted and restrictions will be lessened.  

Maestro has just been put o full time hours so he hasn't lost any pay but will probably lose leave time.  Mo had a zoom  class today but will probably go back to in person classes on Thursday.  

We found out on Friday that new Manager interstate didn't cut the mustard and he was given his marching orders this morning.... so no end in sight for the work overload.  They are going to try and get an admin worker which I can hopefully send some of my work to but it will be at least a month before someone is put on.  

At least lockdown has been good for sewing.  I finished a By Annie bag for a friend and of course I want one so I have cut another one out for myself, but  smaller version. I've ordered more foam stabiliser so I can make more bags and get my Christmas sewing started early.  

Dreaming Frida is coming along nicely and I've discovered floss tube and signed up for another SAL.  

Hope your week was productive.  Head to Kates to see how everyone is going.  

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Kate said...

It sounds like your government acted quickly to get a handle on the new strain. Hopefully they've been able to contain it and life will get closer to normal. Love your new bag, beautifully done!